CCM CAT PR660 Rear Dump Trailer 1:48


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Cat PR660 Rear Dump Trailer
Made by: CCM/Classic Construction Models
Precision Scale: 1:48   Material: Diecast
Dimensions:  11.4″ L, 4.1″ W, 3.5″ H
Production: 500  Production year: 2019

Rear Dump Trailer, 3-Stage Hudraulic Cylinders, Fully Articulated Hitch, Spill Guard, Opening Cab Door, Detailed Instrumentation & Controls, Lights, Mirrors & Handrails, Engine Visible Through Open Bay, Dual Tractor Tires, Dual Trailer Tires, Rock Busters (Both), Realistic Tire Material.  Paint and markings are approved by the manufacturer for accuracy, Includes a signed and serial-numbered spec prochure reproduction.


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